Demo reel updated!

Well, this is my updated (so far) demo reel video. Took me a lot of work, not only for the editing and design, but also for the fact that I lost most of my videos. My -nearly- 7 years in cable TV, along with other freelance works suffered from faulty back up hard drives, offline source material and a very complicated move-out to Spain. Also, some of the videos I managed to save from oblivion were in low resolution, so I had to be creative with what I had. There’s a lot to come in the near future. This is kind of a way to stablish a new beggining for me, a sort of  tabula rasa, leaving past projects and focusing on the future. Thanks for watching and stay tuned!

(Better seen in HD and with headphones, be sure to set the youtube settings on 1080p in the player’s lower right corner…)

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