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Carlos Arturo Rodriguez Moros.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Arts, UCV (Venezuela), 2007, specializing in Film.

Bookseller, copywriter for cable TV, freelance video editor, newspaper and magazine articles writer, bouncy castles operator, hot dog’s cook, even an english teacher. My work experience has been filled with diverse and challenging tasks.

As an ocasional freelancer, I’ve worked for several companies and NGO’s for video editing and scriptwriting. As a TV professional, I’ve worked for TV networks such as the History Channel, A&E, Biography (Latin America & Brazil) and Nickelodeon (Europe/North Africa/Middle East).

Currently living in Madrid, Spain.

This website is dedicated to my recent work as an illustrator, but there’s some of my experiences as a video editor and copywriter, also my interests in graphic design, TV & film industry, books, games…

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