Simón Díaz

I know it’s been a while since I post something, but the last couple of months I’ve been busy as hell: several projects, including a spanish TV show I’m working on as a video editor, leaves me with almost no time to sit down and keep the website updated, so I chose between this and my instagram account, keeping the few designs I manage to make posted there. But I have a couple of hours, so prepare for various free wallpapers!

These ones are special. On late february I was thinking a lot in Simón Díaz, for no special reason. So while I was listening to his classic songs, I made these two illustrations, just to find out that the next day, february 19th, was his death’s anniversary. Yea I know, goosebumps. So here they are, take some of the Venezuela’s finest home.

Grab your wallpaper, and don’t forget this design is also available as a tshirt, hoodie and even a nice poster for your living room! by visiting my online store.

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