Virgen del Valle (Virgin of the Valley)

I don’t consider myself a religious person, and I respect everyone’s beliefs and opinions on the subject. But this image, the Virgen del Valle (or Virgin of the Valley), has a special meaning for me. Back in Venezuela, in Margarita Island,  there’s a beautiful valley sorrounded by mountains, and there you can find a little church, where the people of the island (and the whole country) go to pray and ask the virgin for health, or to help them solve a problem. Outside the church there’s a little market where they sell different religious images and souvenirs. I have visited this place since I can remember. My mother used to take me there as a child, and even in my teenage and early 20’s party period, I never stopped visiting and sitting on one of the church’s bench. Made my mind at peace. So even though I’m not catholic, I guess there’s a mix of nostalgia and love that is forever tattooed on my mind associated with this virgin. Here’s some designs, hope you enjoy them.



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