Assembling Afternoon (or how I built my own PC)

So, living here in Madrid (2+ years and counting) has been an oddyssey. Between jobs and saving some money, I finally was able to afford a brand new PC. I’m not trying to debate wheter PC is better than Mac (obviously I’m not fond of the latter), but for all my works, design experiments and even proffessional career I’ve been comfortable with Windows related hardware. I have enjoyed since my teens building my own PC: carefully selecting the components, learning how to assemble them, pushing the power button for the first time expecting for the worst and feeling the relief of my little frankenstein’s monster not exploding.

So, I did this video celebrating not only my assembling achievement, but also putting in good use my new PC by doing what I love the most: editing.

Done with Adobe Premiere/Illustrator/Photoshop

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